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Mikaela and Andrew

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Our Story

This love story started 9 years ago. Andrew & Mikaela met in the summer of 2014. Mikaela came home from her freshman year at Linfield College and started her first summer job at the City of Orange as a Recreation Services Leader for the local summer day camp. Andrew worked for the YMCA and was assigned to help a camper at Mikaela's camp site.

Andrew was infatuated with her boisterous laugh and spunky personality. He came to find out she played softball at Linfield College during a game of kickball. Andrew then looked up Mikaela's name in the camp site directory to find her last name to find her on Facebook to reach out via Messenger. Their first date was July 5th, 2014. Andrew planned the most activity filled day, and if you know Andrew, you know that means he's interested! The two hiked Laguna Beach and even took a wrong turn, ate lunch at Shake Shack, paddle boarded in Newport and finished it off with Shaved Ice. They talked about their love for sports, everything Disney, Mikaela’s love to try new things & Andrew was excited to venture out. It was a jam packed date that sealed the deal!

When summer came to an end, the two continued their relationship long distance while Mikaela started her Sophomore year at Linfield College in Oregon. The two would talk on the phone for hours, it was a series of Facetime dates, long phone calls and visits, but it made their love that much stronger!

The engagement happened on July 24th, 2022. As you have learned, Andrew loves to plan a day filled of activities and he took it back to Laguna Beach for the proposal! He planned a brunch with friends, Tatiana & Eric. While everyone else was in on the surprise, from Mikaela's parents to her friends, Mikaela had no clue what was going on. After brunch, the group guided Mikaela to walk to the tide pools, little did she know that Andrew had candles, roses and a "Marry Me" sign waiting for her at Heisler Park. Mikaela was too distracted by the puppy birthday party to recognize the setup. She giggled the whole way through as he expected and the rest is history!

We are so excited to celebrate our love with all of our friends & family who played such integral roles in our life. We couldn’t imagine this day without you all. Let's get to dancing!